Pakistan Biggest Burger Was Now Introduce By GodFather Burger In Lahore

When we talk about burgers they are actually the thing that every Pakistani like so that’s why a lots of different burgers with distinctive taste are introduce by every other burger inns in Pakistan and we like to taste all of that burger list.

Nowadays Pakistanis are searching for good quantity at low cost for this reason GodFather Burger, a famous burger cafe in Lahore make it effort to not only prepare but to build this gigantic Burger.

GodFather Burger is already renowned for its savory slate of burgers but this time they have something interesting for the people of Lahore. 

This Gigantic Burger from GodFather will make people gaga over it. This ten chicken patty burger with ten extra cheese slices, ten extra sauces and ten extra jalapeños is the father of all burgers is named so Chicken Creamy jalapeño Burger.

This Burger cost Rs.2400 little bit expensive but they had a great offer for all Lahoris that if one can finish this burger in 10 minutes the burger will be free for that guy.

So Lahore, are you ready for the challenge?



Mr.sheeda kareem block lahore

Lahore, Pakistan.

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