These Dragon Shots By N2 Cafe n’ Creamery Are Trending In Lahore

After the concept of cafes and dhabas, Pakistan is trending with the new idea of dragon shots having nitrogen liquid which will help you to take a dragon breath with a gas excreting from your mouth. 

N2 Cafe n’ Creamery is the cafe in Karachi which is responsible to plate not only these dragon shots but also many items made from nitrogen liquid. This liquid nitrogen that is used is not harmful for human body yet it is too cold.

Nitrogen Liquid ice-creams are freshly prepared in this Machine.

Producing something smokyyy!!

It’s boiling? No its coldness of the Juice.

Yumm, this ice-cream is heart melting.

What about this?

They also serve some best desserts in Town.

Want to try this cone.

How many of you have try these? Share your experience below.



53 R1 Main Blvd adjacent to Paniniz and coffee planet, Johar town Lahore
Lahore, Pakistan.

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