Big Bash The Contemporary Fast Food Hub In Karachi

Pakistan has a large food industry with abundant dine in places very a quality food and the Karachi is the place where people are fond of eating different kind of cuisines. The fast food in Karachi is running widely and people with a greater taste are prospering in this race.

There is an increment in the fast food industry with the new restaurant named so Big Bash. This restaurant used to serve the perfect quality and quantity fast food.

Big Bash is filling Karachi’s mouth with water and the burgers, pizza, pasta and lasagna are too piquant to handle.

The quality of Big Bash is assured by usage of fresh and healthy ingredients.

Big Bash has a contemporary designed lounge where you can enjoy the zesty fast food in a complete pleasant and soothing environment.

Could I really eat this? Can’t handle!!

This is really a bashing pizza!

Their menu also includes shakes.

So what are you waiting for? Hurry Up rush to Big Bash for a new taste.


Big Bash Menu:



Stadium Commercial Lane 1
Karachi, Pakistan.
Call (021) 111 244 226

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