The Traditional Desi Cuisine Diner Rahdaari Inaugurated In Islamabad

The trend of restaurant is now increasing widely and people are investing more in eating diners all over Pakistan. The citizens of Pakistan are more concern on the quality and taste of the food. Pakistani’s want to try different cultural foods but the crave of their traditional cuisine gave a highly preference to it. Rahdaari is one of the traditional cuisine restaurant in Islamabad open its gates recently.

Rahdaari is making people gaga over its blasting traditional desi taste and traditional soothing ambiance.

Rahdaari cook every food with love and with pure and traditional spices that will excite your taste buds.


This is my true love!

This is what I want. Do you?

Rahdaari used to serve different desi cusines like Karhai, BBQ, Nihari, Kofte, Botis, Daal Chawal, Pulao, Biryani and different seasoned naans.

Have you visited Rahdaari? If visited so share your experience. If no so what are you waiting for?


Rahdaari MENU:


Rahdaari LOCATION:

Lower ground 2,

Liberty Square Plaza,

Hilal Road, F-11 Markaz,

Islamabad, Pakistan.

Rahdaari Contact Number: (+92) 3345125554

Rahdaari Timings: 12pm-Midnight



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