Figaro Grill Is Blasting With It’s Lebanese And Continental Cuisines In Karachi

As with the increasing population of Pakistan, the purchasing power as well as needs of Pakistanis increasing day by day so, they now want to try something new and luxury that’s why there are many restaurants comes up with new cuisines and blast the market with their food.

Figaro Grill is one of the recent diner in Karachi attracting people with its outstanding food.

Figaro Grill extended menu starts from Lebanese and end with the continental touch. You can have everything from burgers to traditional BBQ platter in Skewer.

Figaro Grills offers an amazing and luxury seating to every their customers with a pleasant and soothing ambiance.

Have you ever tried steak like this before?

This enticing kebab will make your day.

You will definitely can’t control.

What will you eat first?

Can’t resist for this Margaritas.

Figaro Grill has never ended menu so when were you going to have these tempting cuisines. Don’t forget to give your comments.


Figaro Grill Menu:


Figaro Grill Location:

Sindhi Muslim Cooperative Housing Society,

Karachi, Pakistan
Figaro Grill Contact: (021) 34554015

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