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Grill’o The Original Taste of Peri Peri Chicken

When you hear the word Peri Peri what comes to your mind is actually Nando’s. The sauciest chicken with different flavors according to your zest serve with different slides. But there is an alternate option for karachites to try.

Grill’o is that another healthier option for people to taste the peri peri cuisine in a comfortable and pleasant diner.

That was the perfect Peri Peri Chicken!!!

Small but delectable.

Cheesy and Yummy pizza!!

They also have a solution for your burger crave.

These PERI PERI prawns are Awesome!!

This Dessert will be your Favorite.

Make sure to visit Grillo for experiencing the appetizing Peri Peri in Karachi.



Dilkusha Forum, Tariq Road
Karachi, Pakistan

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